My New Life!!!!!

Hiya friends! i know it's been way too long and i miss you guys! my life is completely different now and i love it. i have a new man in my life and i absolutely love him...MUUUUUAW! he is the greatest man in the world and i plan on spending the rest of my life with him. hoffa is gone with the wind and is now a happy couple with ellie and has been since high school. yeah, some new info that her best buddy shared with me. i seriously laughed and it did not hurt my feelings in the least bit *honest*. he just took her to vegas; i hope they got married. a few weeks ago i thought i was dreaming when i woke up and seen him in my room while roy and i (my man) were asleep. can we say hurt, yup, he is. he bought a new lexus and a rolex and all kinds of other shit to try and persuade me to come back...ummm nah, i'm good. i have a new job where i work the door checking id's and waitressing at a gentleman's club where i make heela loot and i can sleep in...woot woot! i have way more to report on so i'll be seeing ya'll soon....ciao amigos!

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Which pin up are you (girls)

Masuimi Max
This girls a bit of a chameleon - you never really know what to expect. One minute shes posing with guns and knives and eating fire, the next shes dressed as a china doll. Whatever she'd dressed in she always looks hot though!

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well, i have not so good news....*sigh*

my nana is sick and she's fighting for her life and the whole fam is praying like we've never prayed before. she's had her lung disease for 5 years now and she's hung on and fought so hard. i've watched her deteriorate and age but she has always kept her faith. this woman is the sweetest person i've ever met and not only because she is my grandma, everyone who has ever met her will agree with me. i've never in my 24 years heard her say one bad thing about anyone and she would find something good in the worst person and compliment them. i always go into her room and lay on her bed with her and she'll play with my hair and tell me how i was her miracle baby and i saved her from a breakdown. then she'll tell me stories about her late mother and father and the importance of rememberance and family. sometimes she tells me about news stories and how i should pray for people, mainly children. this is the same woman that would adopt a different family every christmas and shower them with gifts and food. god bless her heart.

she started hallucinating friday and she was absolutely hilarious. she was saying the cutest things like for example she was rubbing my leg and told me that i have hairy legs even though i was wearing just yesterday she kep saying "ding dong" like a door bell and went on to explain why everyone needs to have feelings. silly girl.

she has pnuemonia as well as carbon dioxide poisoning because she can't exhale all of it since her lung capacity is only 13%. if her blood gaskets come back bad today then they are putting a trache (sp?) in her throat just to give her lungs a break to ensure that she doesn't go into respatory failure. when the doctor came in to tell us that this is the last stage of her lung disease, he actually cried right along with us and stroked her hair. he even whispered something in her ear before he left and she touched his face and smiled. that is how sweet this woman is and how much she can impact people. sadly, she is only 61.

i'm asking everyone to pray for my nana because we can't bear to lose her and we need people like her in this world. it is because of her that i love living this life and appreciate the simple things. it is because of her that i have faith and believe in myself and i am capable of compassion and comforting those who need it. it is because of her that i am who i am.

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You're the high fashion trendsetter. You're
confident, independent, outgoing, and love
attention. You might become a star one day. All
the girls like to follow in your foot steps
because you're so cool, fashionable, and don't
care about anything. You make the rules, never
follow. But please be sure not to act bitchy.
That could be bad. But keep the attitude.
That's what makes you, you.

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