May 6th, 2006

My New Life!!!!!

Hiya friends! i know it's been way too long and i miss you guys! my life is completely different now and i love it. i have a new man in my life and i absolutely love him...MUUUUUAW! he is the greatest man in the world and i plan on spending the rest of my life with him. hoffa is gone with the wind and is now a happy couple with ellie and has been since high school. yeah, some new info that her best buddy shared with me. i seriously laughed and it did not hurt my feelings in the least bit *honest*. he just took her to vegas; i hope they got married. a few weeks ago i thought i was dreaming when i woke up and seen him in my room while roy and i (my man) were asleep. can we say hurt, yup, he is. he bought a new lexus and a rolex and all kinds of other shit to try and persuade me to come back...ummm nah, i'm good. i have a new job where i work the door checking id's and waitressing at a gentleman's club where i make heela loot and i can sleep in...woot woot! i have way more to report on so i'll be seeing ya'll soon....ciao amigos!